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In each of Yonder’s main destinations, we have selected a range of highlights you might like to include in your personalised Yonder trip.

Whether they are fabled regions, resorts or cities, single destinations or entire itineraries, these are the Yonder ingredients we know will help you begin to piece together the ideal trip…

Where to go in Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur

KL, as those of us who know it affectionately call it, is the throbbing heart of Malaysia. KL’s hotels are superb and the street culture is unique, with a tantalising blend of Malay, Chinese and Western influences. To us, It's like a perfectly blended whisky: rich, sensual and rapidly intoxicating.

  • Reach for the sky in the Petronas Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers building.
  • Wander around colourful Chinatown immersed in Oriental culture, heritage and history.
  • Snaffle a bargain in Central Market, a KL landmark.  Similar to New York’s SoHo flea market 


In British colonial times, Penang Island, on the north-west coast of the Malaysian Peninsular, achieved legendary status and was known as ‘the pearl of the Orient’. We think this status was not only richly deserved but that it still applies today.

  • Soak up the atmosphere of capital George Town, a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Give your taste buds a riotous treat by exploring the food scene, an exciting meeting of diverse gastronomic influences.
  • Roam the streets in a rewarding quest for magical artworks.

Langkawi Holidays

Gaze out of the aeroplane window as you come into land for your Langkawi holiday, and you’ll at once grasp the delights that await you. Archipelago islands stretch as far as the eye can see, separated by a turquoise sea. Take a moment to imagine that word: turquoise. Now Intensify it a hundred times – and you’re still not even close.

  • Choose your piece of paradise at your luxury hotel, turn off your iPhone… and breathe!
  • Walk to the beach through ancient rainforest, with monkeys playing overhead.
  • Watch a dazzling sunset as the Andaman Sea laps your toes and promise yourself: I’ll be back!
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