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Ultimate Experiences

Here at Yonder we have been amazingly fortunate. The Gods of travel have definitely smiled on us. We have sampled some of the most extraordinary experiences the globe has to offer. Fabulous hotels. Sensational destinations. Wonderful activities. Which means we are uniquely positioned to share all that with you.

So what counts as an ultimate travel experience in our books? Well, what about taking a luxury cruise down Burma’s mighty Irrawaddy river, your butler on hand to attend your every whim as you glide from magical Mandalay to keep an appointment ballooning over the lost temples of Bagan? Or pulling up in your seaplane outside a magnificent Relais & Chateau planters bungalow in Sri Lanka’s mist-wreathed and verdant Tea Country? You don’t get many more exclusive travel experiences than that!

If you’d like a taste of extraordinary and simple combined, what about trekking through Burma’s cool hills, spending the night in a beautiful teak monastery, where you will fall asleep to the sound of monks chanting. More ultimate travel experiences? Playing James Bond at the majestic Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur?  The sheer, unadulterated hedonism of the superb beach hotels in Langkawi, Malaysia? Following in Princess Diana’s footsteps at the Taj Mahal? Eyeballing a Bengal tiger in a setting from the Jungle Book?

Every journey Yonder is a step towards the ultimate. Sooner or later, we all intend to get there!


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