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Yonder Favourites

We all have our favourite things in life. Books. Films. Food. Those comforting, familiar treats you turn to again and again because you know they will be just as good as ever.

And here at Yonder, we have our favourite travel destinations, places which we always want to return to, no matter how far we wander and what new marvels we enjoy. So which of the many wonderful travel experiences that Yonder has savoured have made it to our list of travel favourites? Living in sumptuous splendour in the Maharajas palaces of Rajasthan in Northern India has to be right up there. That is decadence we just can’t get enough of! What else? The sheer, unadulterated indulgence of the plantation houses of Sri Lanka’s Tea Country, where ‘good living’ has been refined to an art form.

Then there is the street art in Malaysia’s Penang, a wonderful diversion in a town that’s actually  a feast for all the senses. From Malay to Indian and from Chinese to Thai, the George Town food scene really is remarkable.

And we can never get enough of the luxurious safari camps besides Northern India’s tiger reserves, where you can indulge in fabulous cuisine, served by highly-trained and attentive staff, and then set out into Jungle Book locations to encounter Sher Khan in person!

Another travel favourite of ours is a grand tour of Burma, which never fails to enchant and excite us. Not least when we take a luxurious trip down the Irrawaddy River from magical Mandalay to the mysterious temples of Bagan.

Also ever resonant in our memories and therefore always calling is back are the vast wildernesses of Northern Scandinavia, the undiscovered coves and bays of the Croatian islands, and the spectacular food in italy!


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