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Divine Relaxation

Sometimes all you want to do is let all the daily tensions go and… breathe! Relaxation is an art form and one that too many of us find little time to practise. But here at Yonder, we aren’t afraid of hard work in the interests of our guests but when time allows we are also dedicated to perfecting the art of utter relaxation!

Of course location is everything. So how about being surrounded by the green tranquility of Sri Lanka’s Tea Country, a land of swirling mists and peaceful beauty. Or relax like a true prince amid the Maharajas palaces in Rajasthan. There is nothing like the post-rush pleasure of your gin and Indian tonic enjoyed in your ultimate safari tent after trekking out to see tigers in their reserves in India.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to unwind in one of the Orient’s fabled grand colonial hotels, maybe dreamily listening to the sound of the waves whispering on Langkawi’s pristine beaches in Malaysia. Or take a boat journey out to one of Thailand’s farther-flung islands, where tranquility comes in the shape of a perfect crescent of powder-white sand.

And of course India, where Yonder has some thrilling hotel options amid the palaces and Jungle Book safari parks of Rajasthan, is a country also fabled for its yoga culture and nothing could be more relaxing than some meditative shavasana amid luxury surroundings within the home of yoga.


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