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Adventure With A Twist

For us, all travel is an adventure. But should you choose, it, Yonder can add a real adventurous flavour to your travel. We’re not short of great ideas for adding that added thrill to your itinerary. Here are just a few of the many options available.

What about a hot-air balloon flight over Bagan in Myanmar, a 46 sq km archaeological zone literally covered with no fewer than 2,200 stupas and temples? It’s a staggering sight from any perspective but from a balloon it is jaw-dropping.

Or a luxury safari holiday in Rajasthan, where if you are as fortunate as us, you will witness that most magnificent and elusive of creatures, the endangered Bengal tiger. With a host of other creatures around, including crocks, panthers and monkeys inhabiting vine-strewn ruins, this has all the adventure of a Lara Croft temple run, except it’s in real life!

Also in Rajasthan, you could take a horse riding safari amid crumbling forts and Marwari havelis and the empty spaces of the Thar desert, your leader looking like something from a film set with his dashing beret and manicured moustache!

Horseriding adventures also feature at the Ulagalla, one of the finest boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Here you can ride a pampered steed through the quiet villages, colourful wildlife and astonishing history of the island’s Cultural Triangle.

On the other hand, if you opt to travel by shank’s pony, you could trek from Kalaw in Burma through hill country, staying at simple teak monasteries, sleeping on the floor, lulled to sleep by the gentle chanting of the monks. The spartan accommodation pales into insignificance compared with the matchless wealth of the experience.

Less strenuous but no less thrilling would be a luxurious cruise down Burma’s mighty Irrawaddy River, from the iconic city of Mandalay to mysterious Bagan and its extraordinary archeological treasures. Your personal butler will be on hand throughout your voyage of pure indulgence to ensure this is one adventure that doesn’t leave a hair out of place!


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