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Luxury Family Holidays

Ah, family holidays! They’re so precious. You work hard through the year for a few weeks when you can all relax together and share the love, laughter and tantrums (OK, so hopefully not too many tantrums).

When times are as important to you all as this, just any old destinations simply won’t do.

Memorable moments demand memorable settings. And how can you be sure that you have selected a hotel/resort that is truly family friendly? As we know only too well, there are some places where youngsters are about as welcome as a dog in a game of skittles.

That’s where Yonder comes in. Because we’re here to take all the doubt out of your precious family holiday. We will only recommend destinations and hotels where happy families is a favourite pastime.

We’re not short of some exciting ideas for holidays that will go down in family folklore. What about taking your little monkeys to an amazing setting that could have come straight out of The Jungle Book? The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, India, is every child’s dream of Mowgli’s rainforest home, with jungle festooned ruins of an ancient fort, a maharaja’s hunting lodges and temples, now reclaimed by nature and its astonishing wildlife. Here you will be able to go out on amazing safaris in search of monkeys, deer, crocodiles, panthers, fabulous birdlife and … the star of the show, Sher Khan himself. Because Ranthambore is considered one of the best places in the world to witness the endangered Bengal tiger in its natural habitat.

With accommodations that offer all the luxurious trappings a family of adventurers could dream of, this is one family holiday that might well get dad voted a Jungle VIP!

Elsewhere, Mum might like the idea of lingering en famille on the gentle, soft sand beaches of Langkawi in Malaysia, where your every whim is treated as a priority, or sampling the child-friendly resort hotels that can be found on Sri Lanka’s glorious southern beaches. Or what about playing a fabulous game of Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday on the far-flung and unspoiled tropical archipelago of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands?

Intrigued? Here at Yonder, we’ve hardly gotten started! Contact us for more fabulous family ideas!


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