The Honeymoon Crib Sheet

BY Sarah, Yonder escapologist
Luxury honeymoons are a curious thing. Romantics spend years dreaming about their perfect honeymoon. But when it comes to the crunch, many newlyweds suddenly find themselves choosing alternative options  and honeymoon destinations they didn’t even know existed. So I thought I would share my experiences of the conversations that I regularly have with excited couples planning the most perfect honeymoons.

We want a luxury honeymoon. Can Yonder arrange this?

The answer is yes – of course. But from my experience everyone’s perception of luxury is different. It is critically important for you to ensure Yonder is properly briefed on your idea of luxury. For me luxury is space, service and sublime food. But others equate it with everything from golden chandeliers to a hot water bottle in the bed at night. It’s important to remember luxury honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes so can be perfectly tailored to your budget. It’s also critical to remember that luxury is relative – so the level of sophistication in Thailand, for example, will be different to that found in Burma or Sri Lanka.

What is the typical cost of a Yonder honeymoon?

There is no such thing as a typical Yonder honeymoon. Identical honeymoons, like identical holidays in general, don’t exist at Yonder. There are so many variables in how Yonder put luxury honeymoon itineraries together, meaning that there is no one size fits all. I always remind prospective clients, the single biggest cost is likely to be the airfare. You could choose a private jet, of course, but most newlyweds opt to fly on a scheduled airline in either business class or economy. As a general rule of thumb, business class costs around four times more than economy. And when it comes to hotels, the only limiting factors are availability and the size of your budget.  

Does Yonder offer a gift list service?

Yonder have honed and developed their Give Yonder honeymoon gift list service to ensure it is simple to setup, easy to manage and personalised for you. Once you decide to book with Yonder, you will receive access to a private section of the Yonder website. After you have set up your gift list (Yonder will be there to help you every step of the way) you’ll have a unique website address you can pass to friends and family for them to log in and make contributions. Yonder will even print elegant little cards for you to slip inside your wedding invitations. There are many other aspects of a luxury honeymoon with Yonder which will leave you beaming.

As you work at Yonder, what did you do for your honeymoon?

Well… probably like most honeymooners I think we had the best honeymoon ever! We had a few boxes that we were desperate to tick and we only had 10 days in which to do it. The problem was, of course, there are so many luxury honeymoon destinations to choose from. We wanted to see tigers in the wild, live the highlife in chic hilltop palaces and get down and sandy on deserted tropical beaches. So there was only one place for it: India. We flew to Delhi and spent a couple of nights in India’s teeming capital exploring the sights. From here, we flew to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, where we enjoyed some seriously hip maharaja living. Then we took an overland private transfer to Ranthambore National Park hoping to spot a tiger or two. Not only did we achieve our aim but we enjoyed some of the best and most romantic accommodation of our trip. Back to Jaipur again and on a flight to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with a brief overnight in Chennai in between. The Andamans are the most far-flung islands imaginable, with no internet or mobile phone signal. Pure bliss with the only thing to concentrate on being each other.


Yonder delivers tailor-made holidays to India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand and Malaysia. Creating luxury honeymoons are second nature and the long-haul product range is perfectly suited to discerning newlyweds.

At Yonder, a honeymoon is about delivering the experience of a lifetime. There is a range of sample honeymoon itineraries which illustrate the enormous breadth of choice available.  

If you want a simple starting point or want to find specific details, have a look through Yonder’s Destinations pages or browse their Inspirations and Collections pages.

All Yonder hotels and luxury honeymoon destinations have been visited and recommended by Yonder executives confident they have selected the most exquisite experiences available.

All Yonder itineraries are crafted on a tailor-made, one-off basis, so you can be sure that your holiday will be as individual as you are.