See Northern India With Yonder

BY Lucie, Yonder escapologist

Think of travelling to India, what springs to mind?

I bet you’re picturing the Taj Mahal. The golden beaches of Goa. Perhaps the glorious chaos of Delhi and Mumbai or the serene backwaters of Kerala.

And of course, they all feature prominently in our suggested India itineraries – and rightly so: they’re famous precisely because they’re iconic.

But in this nation of 1.4 billion (and counting!) surely there’s more to see than the classic landmarks that feature over and over again in the glossy travel brochures?

That’s where Yonder comes in. Our small but dedicated team of India specialists have explored the length and breadth of this vast country to curate some of the most original experiences and exclusive accommodations available. And now we’re hugely excited to announce the latest addition to the Yonder offering: incredible Northern India.

I first visited the north 20 years ago, and I’ve been going back as often as I can ever since. The cool mountain air of Shimla (ideally approached on the renowned Toy Train), hinting at the mighty Himalaya just beyond, makes such a pronounced change to the heat and, sadly, the smog elsewhere in India.  While the Golden Triangle has Jaipur and the Taj Mahal, it’s up here in Amritsar and Varanasi that you really feel connected to the country’s spiritual heart.

To launch our new Northern India offering we have devised a scattering of new suggested journeys that call at all our favourite places. As with all Yonder itineraries these are intended merely for inspiration: our India travel specialists will happily chop and change, juggle and weave until you’re perfectly satisfied.

Our featured north India itineraries

Maharaja’s Express: Rajasthan & The North

16 days, from £4,695 (including flights)

This journey is as much about the soul as it is about the senses. Embark on an immersive expedition, woven from the dreams of maharajas and the lullabies of mountains, where every turn whispers a tale, every taste unveils a tradition, and every sight unravels a saga…. Read more

The Taj Mahal To Shimla By Train

19 days, from £,4,985 (including flights)

Journey into the very heart and soul of northern India on this epic rail journey. Imagine standing amidst the labyrinthine alleys of old Delhi, where every whisper seems to carry a millennia of tales. As we transition, Jaipur unfolds, a city drenched in the colours of the royal sunsets…. Read more

Grand Tour of the North

14 days, from £4,495 (including flights)

Embark on an enchanting exploration through the vibrant tapestry of Northern India, where historical grandeur meets captivating landscapes. Dive into the bustling heart of Delhi, a city teeming with ancient monuments and modern marvels… Read more

Lucie, Yonder escapologist