Who is Yonder?

Well, hi. That’s us. Passionate travel professionals who revel in new experiences but are unwilling to compromise on luxury or comfort.

If your travel wishlist sometimes feels about as out of reach as a ride on a magic carpet, then think of us as the genie who can turn it into breathtaking reality. (OK, we can’t quite squeeze inside a lamp, but you get the idea.)

Forget risking your travel hopes and dreams on a Google search. Turn to Yonder’s Escapologists instead.

We have been fortunate enough to spend time in some spectacular corners of the world. We have photo-stalked tigers in verdant jungles. We have stood beneath the invigorating shower of tumbling waterfalls. We have left our footprints in unblemished sands for southern oceans to gently wash away. We have laid our heads down in luxurious ice caverns and in maharaja’s palaces…

Travel has been our way of life for generations. And all this has engendered in us a simple passion: To share our journey of discovery with our clients who, like us, enjoy the finer things in life amid the world’s finest places.

We don’t pretend to know every corner of the world, as some tour operators do. No one can, if they’re being honest. And, besides, we’re far too excited about the many new possibilities we have yet to explore and share with you.

But, rest assured, your unique tailor-made holiday itineraries will be based only on destinations we know and love, making us confident we can offer you the expertise and reassurance that only intimate local knowledge provides.