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The tiny rural village of Ajabgarh is approximately 100kms to the north-east of Jaipur and is nestled in the world’s oldest mountain range, the Aravelli Hills. It’s so small it’s almost not on the map. You’ll find little information about it trawling through Google. So isn’t it all the more intriguing that one of the finest luxury hotels in India have chosen it for their base?

Well… there are many reasons actually, the most obvious of which is the spectacular scenery. An Ajabgarh holiday  takes you back in time. Life here hasn’t changed for generations. Within the local tribe known as the Meena, the men still tend to their goats and sheep and the women, dressed in ornate, colourful saris, carry bundles of firewood on their heads. Children smile and wave when they see foreigners who are still very much an unknown quantity.

A Maharaja’s hunting lodge

A holiday in Ajabgarh, located on the site of a former hunting lodge of the Maharaja, comes with a notable history for such an unassuming village, stretching back at least as far as the Mughal emperor, Akbar the Great, who is rumoured to have stayed in a tented encampment nearby.

Perhaps, though, Ajabgarh is best known for the ruined fort, dating from 1635, which bares its name. The word ‘garh’ means fort in Hindi. And the word Ajab is derived from the founder of the fort Ajab Singh Rajawat, one of three brothers all of whom built forts in this small corner of Rajasthan.

Amanbagh run small but important community projects mostly associated with education and employment.

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An idyl fashioned in pink sandstone in the heart of rural Ajabgarh. For Aman virgins, the service will be amongst the best you have ever experienced, the rooms elegant, stripped back and distinctive, the facilities second to none and the food delicious. Sheer heaven.

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