Why go Yonder?

For us, Yonder is a philosophy, a way of life. Out in the wide, blue Yonder, life waits to be lived. But, in our view, it’s not in a crowded resort where the plastic and the mediocre are rife. We refuse to climb aboard the conveyor belt of mass tourism.

Yonder: It’s a passion. And a lifestyle

Pioneering the road less travelled out Yonder is no mean feat (even if we do say so ourselves). But we adore it! We are bursting with energy and excitement at the prospect of discovering luxurious new boltholes in far-flung places yet to be discovered by the masses. And all this to share our secrets with our discerning clients.

We know Yonder like the back of our hands

We know our destinations inside-out. Each has been visited on many occasions. We’ve even lived in some of them in order to really get under their skin. We regularly meet our hoteliers and ground handlers, both in the UK and in their own offices.  We’ve held meetings in hot air balloons and hosted gatherings on private islands. We can tell you the best rooms and the introduce you to the best guides.

True art comes from the heart!

We know it’s not easy to share your hopes and dreams with someone else… it always feels safer to hold back a little. But, hey, open up! The more you share your Yonder longings with us, the more we can craft an itinerary that’s totally unique to you. Building perfect holidays is an art.  Because each trip arranged by Yonder is as individual as you are. And once we’ve been privileged with a glimpse of your travel soul, we will not create an itinerary or select a single hotel which we don’t think is perfectly suited to you.

There’s no such word as compromise

When you journey down the road less travelled with Yonder, you never have to compromise on style and comfort. Stunning vistas, exquisite cuisine, the caress of silk and fine cotton, perfumed balms and gentle treatments to wash away the dust of of the road… These are the ingredients that make your journey special. Out Yonder, there’s no other way to travel.

Our techies burn the midnight oil for you

With Yonder’s cutting-edge website, you can browse to your heart’s content without ever losing your way. (Just like a Yonder personalised itinerary in fact.) You can save your favourite destinations, hotels and itinerary selections. You can share them with friends and family. And you can browse our Collections and Inspirations menus for exciting new ideas. What’s more, our website is constantly updated with new images and ideas so you’ll want to keep coming back!

Don’t gamble on the Google search lottery

Everyone who can operate a smartphone tries to organise their own holidays. But can you trust those five-star reviews on Tripadvisor? Is the English-speaking driver going to turn up?  Does he know where he is going? (And we don’t mean straight to his uncle’s suit emporium.) Book through Yonder and you’ll neatly sidestep all of these headaches and many more. We only include experiences in a personalised itinerary that we’ve tried and loved ourselves. So much so, that we want to share them. So you’ll have absolute peace of mind that we’ve done the leg work that ensures your ultimate travel bliss.

Back to the ATM! Again?

Everyone shops around. Fact. You might be able to put together the illusion of a cheaper version of a Yonder holiday. You’ll probably be able to save a couple of percent overall at the point of booking – but at the cost of hours of searching online. You’ll also have the constant headache that comes with a dread of the unexpected. And you can bet your bottom dollar there will be unexpected costs along the way. When you’re heading to paradise, what price is peace of mind? And because cost is an inevitable consideration, we can work to your budget from the start.

Honeymoon? We’ll be right beside you!

We have dedicated Escapologists who know a thing or two about honeymoons (such as spending their own honeymoons in our hand-picked luxury boltholes!). They will guide you through choosing the perfect honeymoon for you. What’s more, you’ll have your own personalised gift list service in a secret section of the Yonder website where friends and family can log in to make contributions through secure online payments.

It’s the little things that matter

With Yonder, the exciting build-up to your holiday is a little different to the norm. No awkward silences from us! Instead, we can help you get to the airport, fast-track you through security and get you into executive lounges. We will share our favourite reading lists, with exhilarating reads related to your destination. We will also let you in on our favourite restaurants to sample along the way. There is much more too… but let’s not ruin the surprise.

We’re here for you. Always. Like a loyal pooch

Aw, isn’t that sweet! But believe us, we’re here 24/7. When you book with Yonder, you can be absolutely sure that you’ll have someone to turn to whenever you need to. You’ll have your own account on the Yonder website where you can view and download all details for your forthcoming holiday. When overseas, our reliable partners will always be on hand and should you want to speak to us in the UK we will always be on standby.