Introducing the Yonder Holiday Hamper

BY Nico
Yonder’s Luxury Welcome Home Hamper
At Yonder we love that feeling of escaping from the pressures and stresses of the world, that’s why we do what we do. We live for the road less travelled. However, as much as we try to kid ourselves, we know the real world is waiting for us on our return; and we know what it’s like to experience bliss only to have to leave it again. That’s why we’ve decided to help you beat the post-holiday blues with our indulgent and relaxing hamper. Yonder look after you, even after your adventure is over.

It’s estimated that 57% of British people suffer from the post-holiday blues. And frankly, it’s easy to see why… going from a pristine white beach with crystal clear waters, or a secluded lodge in the middle of the rainforest where your only concern is what to have to drink next; and then back to the daily commute is enough to make anyone a bit down. It could be best described as that sense of anticlimax when the wonderful holiday you have looked forward to for so long is now sadly over, and the prospect of everyday routines and chores gets you down.

Although travel is in our blood, we know that home is special too. That’s why we’ve put together our own luxury welcome home hamper and enlisted the help of luxury, artisan and award-winning producers across the British Isles. There’s no better way to ease back into the real world…

In combination with our friends at British Fine Foods, you can unwind from your Yonder holiday and indulge in a range of hand-selected British delicacies that aren’t available anywhere else.

What do the travel experts recommend?

While indulging in a luxury hamper is obviously an excellent way to beat the post-holiday blues, it’s not the only way. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of our favourite tips from fellow travelers:

Get Home Early: Getting home the day before you’re due back to work might give you one more day in paradise but it also means you’ll still be jetlagged, exhausted and probably a bit confused. Even one day at home can be enough to reset and get ready to start again.

Seize the Day: It’s a cliché but make an effort to make things happen. You might be tired but try to unpack your suitcase, get your laundry done and get a good meal ready. Even better, were there any meals that really stood out from your holiday? Learn how to make them to relive those memories.

Make Memories: In the modern age, photos seem to live on our phones, on Instagram, or on our computers. Take the time to go through them, pick out your favourites and get a photo book made, or get some framed and put on your walls. This can bring good closure to the holiday and make you appreciate the good times you had.

Get Active: We all over-indulge on holiday and unless it’s been an active holiday and you’ve been climbing mountains, you probably will have too. There’s nothing like exercise to reinvigorate and get motivated again. If you’re an exercise junkie then get back into your old routine, if you’re new to it, now’s the perfect time to start.

Work can Wait: Don’t be tempted to start checking your emails before you get back to work; it will only stress you out.

One last suggestion… book another holiday with Yonder. Your last trip down the road less travelled was so fantastic, the prospect of another is bound to cure the blues!

Yonder’s Welcome Home Hamper

After all of those you still want to indulge then browse our selection of exclusive products as part of the hamper:

Duck Rillette with Cranberries and Grand Marnier (120g)
Hand crafted on the farm in North Cornwall using locally sourced ingredients, this beautiful duck rillette is perfect for a lunch or a pre-dinner nibble.

Fennel Salami (70g)
A mild tasting salami with the aroma of whole fennel seeds. Produced by leading artisan producer Trealy Farm in Wales

Original Lancashire Bomb (230g)
A delicious 24 month mature creamy Lancashire Cheese. Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh near Preston, this Lancashire Bomb Cheese is a true regional classic. The family have been producing this cheese since 1923 with their own herd of cows.
Serving suggestion: Slice off the top and scoop out with a spoon!

Paxton & Whitfield Cornish Buttermilk Crackers (150g)
A buttery and crunchy oat biscuit made with British butter and stone ground wheat flour. Ideal with both hard and soft cheeses.
Paxton & Whitfield hold the Royal Warrant.

Westmorland Chutney (110g)
This is a very traditional dark and fruity chutney, delicious with cheese, cold meats and pies.

Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Clusters
Hand-made heavenly honeycomb, using local Dorset honey, broken into chunks and smothered in 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate.

Our regard for our customers doesn’t stop once the plane lands. So once you’re home, break out the hamper, perhaps a bottle to go with it and recharge your batteries. Director of Yonder, Nico Kostich explains why we decided to create the hamper: “We love hidden gems and venturing down the road less travelled, and we think that everyone should have unique experiences. But we also love the UK. We want our customers to return from their adventures and to truly know and appreciate that they’re home. After talking with British Fine Foods, we decided that the best way to achieve this was to indulge in some of our country’s finest delicacies, direct from artisan producers across the British Isles.”

With the help our traveler’s top tips, and our luxury hamper to beat the blues, you’ll be back to your best in no time. And of course, that means looking forward to booking your next luxury holiday.


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