Yonder Interviews – Rawla Narlai

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Nico Kostich, managing director of Yonder, chats to Gareema Gautam general manager of Rawla Narlai heritage hotel, set in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan.


NK: Your hotel is so incredible. It’s an exciting addition to any holiday to India. In just a few sentences, please tell us why:

GG: The amazing thing is that the location is just off the highway, midway between two important cities – Jodhpur and Udaipur, but the location is rural and quite hidden. Located in the centre of the village, one does not realise how beautiful the property is, until you enter the main doors.

The hotel is peaceful, charming and very welcoming. The view from the hotel of a beautiful rock monolith is quite enchanting. The rooms and other spaces blend seamlessly in a quaint design while maintaining the old 16th Century structure.

NK: Which is your favourite room and why?

It is difficult to choose one room in the hotel as in the heritage side all the rooms are different in shape, size and colour and each one has its own charm. Very difficult. I have no fewer than seven favourites!

NK: Of the many activities available from Rawla Narlai, what would you personally choose if you had a half-day to spare?

GG: Countryside picnic or tea by the lake. But to see a leopard in the wild holds its own charm. Going on a leopard safari is a must.

NK: What is the most amazing private event that you have organised?

GG: We are really good with our dinner at the step-well that we organise for our guests. The location is amazing and very beautiful and lit with hundreds of lamps and lanterns. We are known for this dinner and it is so romantic it has been the site for many a wedding proposal!

NK: What is the best month to visit and why?

GG: I love this countryside during the rainy season, but one has to keep in mind that the roads can become blocked after heavy rains. Plan ahead only a couple of days. But the best time weather-wise is between September to March. The winter months are also good.

NK: You have a brilliant team around you who excel at caring for their guests. What makes them so special?

GG: They are extremely humble in their attitude and service.

NK: Of the many dishes your chefs can create, what is your favourite and why?

GG: Dahi ke Kebab, which are dumplings of spiced hung yogurt deep-fried to a golden finish  – very very tasty.

NK: If you had to throw a party around the campfire, who would you invite?

GG: I am always delighted to cater for our guests who of course will always be our first priority. But of course I love to be able to cater for my best friends and family.


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