What to wear on safari

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InsetSo you are heading out into the badlands of the bush in the Indian sub continent on your luxury safari.

You’re wondering whether you’ll be lucky enough to have a chance encounter with a leopard or two in Yala national park in Sri Lanka. Or perhaps you are chasing bigger prey in the form of a Bengal tiger in Ranthambore National park in Rajasthan, India. You’ve got your binoculars packed and you are debating whether to take your GoPro or dSLR.

What you haven’t yet decided is what clothing to take. Hopefully you can take a few pointers from our vast experience of luxury safari holidays across our destinations.

To start off, never underestimate the temperature differential between the chilly early mornings starting in the dark and the point at which the sun starts to climb high in the sky. It’s important to take layers which are easy to strip off as the temperature increases.

What kind of clothes? We love our linens; they are lightweight, neat to pack and cool when the sun comes up. Slinging a fleece over the top in the morning is a safe bet.

Safari on dirt roads through national parks is a dusty affair. Come prepared with a couple of sets of clothing so you don’t have to put the same dusty and gritty cloths back on for your next safari.

The type of vehicle used depends on the location of your safari. Some are covered and others aren’t. Make sure you bring a hat, preferably with a wide brim (and no you don’t need to dig out grandad’s 1920s pith helmet!). Sunglasses, polarised if you’ve got them so that you can really enjoy the magic, are essential.

Sun cream is obviously advisable. Insect repellent is your choice. We don’t usually bother but it’s individual choice. You’ll know better than we do how tasty you are!

All Yonder safari holidays use purpose made vehicles with professional naturalists and trackers. You’ll stop for refreshments, usually some tea and cake, in a glorious area of the parks. If you get peckish there is always fruit on board.

So zip up your case and get moving towards the airport.

A Sri Lankan tusker


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