Uda Walawe National Park

The sun shimmering on the horizon. A lake stretching as far as the eye can see. More elephants than you could possibly count. Water buffalo and deer grazing on the vast wetlands. The cough of a leopard in the still of the night. Birds galore.

Sound like a scene out of an Attenborough documentary? Well it deserves to be. For this is the breathtaking reality of Uda Walawe national park.

Uda Walawe is the Sri Lankan national park that best rivals the savannah reserves of Africa. In fact, for elephant-watching, it often excels many of the most famous East African national parks.

It’s animal magic!

And Yonder can be your ideal wildlife guide when it comes to Uda Walawe accommodation. Uda Walawe gained national park status in 1972. The lake and wetlands were formed by the flooding of a vast area following the creation of a dam. The interior of the park is crisscrossed with dirt tracks which 4×4 safari jeeps traverse in search of the perfect spot for viewing the wildlife. And the lack of dense vegetation makes game-watching easy.

Unfortunately there is little in the way of regulation within the park, which means it can get busy, especially on public holidays.. That said, the park area is huge and you’ll have excellent drivers and naturalists who will know exactly which quarters to head for to find the best wildlife (and avoid the masses).

These guys are blessed with hawk-like eyes which means they can spot a sauntering jumbo where all you can see is a shimmering heat haze.

Unlike Yala National Park, Uda Walawe accommodation  is limited. We’ve stayed in most of it and in reality there is little in the way of sophisticated lodgings.

Out and about

This is the middle of nowhere. You will come for an amazing wildlife experience, with a specific focus on elephants, and will leave content in the knowledge that you have seen the jewel in the crown of Sri Lanka’s elephant kingdom.

The park timings coincide more or less with sunrise and sunset. We always recommend a minimum of two game drives: one in the early morning and the other after lunch. If time permits, further game drives can be arranged.

Eating and Drinking

You’ll feast well at Mahoora Safari Camp, your Uda Walawe  national park accommodation selected by Yonder. There isn’t anywhere further to venture out, so enjoy the moment.

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The destination knowledge and the fine detail they knew about all of the hotels was staggering. Everything ran like clockwork. Thanks guys. I’m telling the world about you.

Bryon, Yorkshire

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Mahoora Safari Camp

Stunning location on edge of a Uda Walawe watering hole. Each tent has indoor bathroom with toilet and shower. A hint of Carry On Camping comedy. But the experience is so fabulous, you’ll not care. Al fresco breakfasts are memorable.

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